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Care Quality Commission Report 2017

After an unannounced inspection the CQC reported: All the people we spoke with gave positive feedback about the staff in Leighton House. Comments people made to us included: "I can do what I want here. The staff are very nice and kind. You can have a laugh with them”. “I am happy and settled here. I was in two more homes before here but this is the best". “The staff are very nice”. “I am happy here. Very used to it." and "It is all right here. It took me some time to get used to it. I could not live on my own so came here”. “The staff are kind and caring." Relatives said, "The home has treated my father with great dignity. They sat with [my relative] whilst he has been ill. For the last four years they have been like a family to us”. “There is a good family atmosphere. I looked at a lot of homes before choosing one. I thought this one was the best for dementia care and staff are suitable and caring. I have been very happy with the care here and so was my relative." "Our relative could not be anywhere better and is well looked after. We feel like part of the family they look after us as well. They give us our dinner and we always feel welcome. I am happy with [our relatives] care. All the staff are lovely" and "The care is very good. This is the best home [my relative] has had respite in. The staff are with them all the time. The staff are pleasant to all the people here. “They treat everybody the same and well." People and their relatives were happy with the care and support at this care home. “I like it here. I feel safe. There is plenty of security here."; "I feel safe here. Nobody bothers you." Relatives we spoke with said, "I am happy with the care at this home. I feel we can go away and she is safe here." and "I think our relative is safe here. We would not leave her here if we did not think it was safe." People who used the service said, "There are enough staff" and "There are plenty of staff." Staff said, "There are enough staff. People's needs are being met. I always make time to talk to people on a one to one."; "There are enough staff to meet people's needs. We cover for each other, ring around if someone is off sick. We don't use agency staff. We observed there were good interactions between staff and people who used the service. People told us staff were kind and caring. We saw there were many thank you and compliment cards. Comments included, 'Thank you for everything you have done for my relative. You have a wonderful caring team of carers who we cannot thank enough', 'Thank you for the sympathetic and dignified care you gave our relative' and ' Thank you for all your care and kindness'. Other CQC comments include: “The home was clean and tidy. The environment was maintained at a good level and homely in character” People who used the service told us, "I have a nice room. Very comfortable. This is my own furniture and bed. More like a home from home.": "I have a nice room. I have my own things here to make me feel more at home." and "I have a lovely room." People who used the service told us, "The food is good and we have a good cook. We get plenty of drinks as well"; "The food is very good. They make my visitor some tea as well" and "The food is good. There is a choice of food. I had a choice of meal today." Relatives we spoke with said, "They encouraged [my relative] to eat when needed" and "The food is OK." A district nurse told us, "This service is brilliant. The service is always clean and the residents look well looked after. Their palliative care is spot on. There is good communication with staff and they always call us if they need us. The staff do a really good job. There are no pressure sores here. CQC 2017

Personal letters

We have received many - a few more recent ones are quoted below: Google review - April 2019 The staff at Leighton house are amazing. They cared for my father in the last months of his life and made it the best experience possible for him and also for us. They will be forever in our hearts as a family for the respect they treated him with until the day he left and I cannot fault them for the care they gave him. From the bottom of our hearts thank you xx Emma C My dear friends, I cannot express in words my deep felt thanks for the loving way you cared for my mum, Mary, over a very difficult six years. Your kind, gentle but wholly professional way of looking after all her needs showed how dedicated you all are to the care of your charges. My mums needs from hygiene of herself and her environment, to the way all decisions were taken in her best interest, was exemplary. (How you all seem to know what my mum wanted or needed is a mystery to me). I would love to thank ALL of you most sincerely for the way you looked after and protected my mum through a very difficult time. Chris N. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the care you have given dad during his years at Leighton House. You have always always treated with affection, compassion and respect which has been such a comfort to us all. His end of life care was exemplary and we know no-one could have done more to ease his passing. To the end he we treated with compassion, respect and dignity. Thank you also for the care you gave us which made his passing so peaceful. Wendy & Rebecca Peter & Elaine I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you and all the staff, not only for making my mums birthday so special, but also for everyone's care of her on a day to day basis. Rosemary and I appreciate everything you all do for her very much. All of you are so kind and patient with her and whenever I come down to visit I am always impressed with the way in which her dignity is protected and how loving and respectful you all are. Thank you all very much and a very happy New Year. Kindest regards, Ruth Monday, 22 May 2017 Dear Mr Rose, We would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of the staff at Leighton House for the exceptional, kind and compassionate care they gave to the late Vera, sadly lost to dementia. Vera came to Leighton House in April 2016, and for a strong independent lady, moving into a care home was no small move. Her concerns of losing her dignity, independence and well being were shared by her family. Thankfully we were wrong. The transition was made as the staff welcomed her into her home and she was one of the family. She was allowed to be herself, her ways and wishes were respected and her circular requests for coffee and toast were met every time, even when she had just left a plateful. The fondness and care shown to our loved one by your staff, and the support given to us as a family, will be something we are forever grateful for. We would like to recognise the quality and professionalism of the staff and we would appreciate if you could pass on our heartfelt thanks. With very best wishes, We would like to start by saying a huge thank-you for all the wonderful care you give Robert. His care is second to none. He sings your praises every time we come up especially the fabulous meals, puddings and cakes. He is always clean and dressed nice and not just left in his pyjamas. His room and bedding are always spotless and his clothes all nicely washed and ironed. So once again to everyone from the caretaker, domestic kitchen and laundry staff, the care team, the trained staff right up to manager. It's obvious for all to see that you all pull together to make Leighton House a home to be proud of with a remarkable atmosphere, happy patients and No nasty smells. Well done and Thank You Best Wishes Sharon Thank you for your care - when Eric came to stay and for all your help in every kind of way. Thanks to all the nurses, carers and the cooks To all the cleaners - and those who keep the books. To those who do the laundry - and the house maintaining For those who do the driving - and the entertaining. Thank you for the atmosphere - where happiness is key Thank you all from Mary - and from me. To all the staff at Leighton House.
Registered with Care Quality Commission and Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council