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The Corona Virus

Latest Update - November 4th 2020. Dear Family & Friends Re: The Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Latest update. We hope this letter and update finds you all well and that life is being good to you. As we go down into another lock down starting on Thursday 5th November 2020 for at least 4 weeks until 2nd December 2020. We have decided to also close the home for visiting for the whole four week period. This is also the start of the colds & flu season as well as covid-19 and we wish to keep all our clients/residents, as safe as possible. We do not have any covid-19 clients in the home, and we wish to keep it that way. We will once again start restricted visiting once this lock down ends. So that you should be able to arrange a visit after the 4th December 2020. However, should the lock down be extended we will review visiting, at that stage. We ask you to please help us, by supporting us in this decision. You can of course telephone or arrange with the home for a zoom type meeting online with your family member or friend. We have an in house iPad/tablet we can use for this meeting, just ring the home to set it up first. We will connect with you and take the iPad/tablet to the resident. This week we are replacing several bedroom windows as part of our refurbishment plan, Last week we replaced washing machines and dryers and the week before that we had some bedroom carpets replaced and will soon be preparing the home for Christmas, so the home is busy taking care of your family or friend and all is well at the home. Our staff are tested weekly for Covid-19 and our residents are tested monthly.  Thank You for your continued support. You can read more about  Leighton House on our web site. Our next letter may be in January and so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year in 2021. Yours Sincerely Paul Rose  Managing Director /service provider/owner, Leighton House.
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